Day 2 races shuffle the leader board

Day 2 races shuffle the leader board

Most of the fleet finished two races on race day 1. As it’s been a difficult day yesterday it’s likely that the results will shuffle on the second day of the event. Today’s races will decide which sailors will qualify for the gold fleet.

Again some amazing weather and luckily a bit more wind today.  Most of the fleet got away for the first race on schedule. Except for the Optimists on course A, they where too eager to get started.

Hero of the day from Malta

The hero of the day is Richard Schultheis from Malta. He is 11 years old and is dominating both the Optimist Benjamin and the Optimist overall ranking! We would love to hear his tips & trics tomorrow!

Gold fleet optimist and splash decided

The optimist fleet will be split into seven equal groups and the Splash class in two groups based on the results from the qualifying races so far. There’s still all to play for in both fleets for the title

French holding a massive lead in the 29er class

Gwendal Nael & Lilian Mercier are also on a winning strike. They hold a 24 points lead over the number two. Only their fellow country men Theo Revil  and Gautier Guevel defend the team from winning all the races in their fleet

Dutch sailors dominating the Laser fleets

It’s all Dutch in the top of both the Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial. Emma Savelon is still in the lead in the 4.7 class and local hero Eric Jan Westerhof is in the lead at the Laser Radial

In the Splash class the top four is still extremely tight so the upcoming days will be important for this class.

At the Cadet class Loic and Yannick dropped one place and Sarah Roosen Lisemarie Vandamme has moved to the top of the leaderboard although there’s just one point separating them.

Make sure to follow the live blog again tomorrow!

Photocredits: Andrea Schultheis

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