Sailcenter for your repairments at the Dutch Youth Regatta

Sailcenter at the Dutch Youth Regatta 2019

Sailcenter for your repairments at the Dutch Youth Regatta

It happens to every sailor, you break something during race. If you’re lucky, it’s a quick fix and you don’t have to retire from racing. For a bigger breakdown, chances are you’re in bad luck and have to fix the boat before you can get back racing. When you’re racing at the Dutch Youth Regatta, you have Sailcenter there to help you.

The stand of Sailcenter provides you with gear, ropes, parts and more practical repairment stuff. First thing you do when you break something, check at the Sailcenter stand if they can help you with the repairment.

Even if you have a hole in your boat or something like that, they’ll help you. They’re in contact with the local shipyards and can arrange a fix overnight so you’re able to start racing again the next day.

Even if you don’t need anything repaired, checking the Sailcenter stand is worth your while. Older clothing collections are for sale and they brought many nice sailing gear with them. So go and check the stand before you go sailing or when you come back!

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