A small step in the reduction of environmental pollution

Less plastic Windesign and Dutch Youth Regatta

A small step in the reduction of environmental pollution

We love sailing in clean water, water free of plastic and other pollution. Together we’re responsible for a clean ocean, our sponsor Windesign took the first step to help us use less plastic at the sailing event.

Windesign: “This year we have decided not to apply large sponsor stickers on the hulls. Some ended up in the water, others were very hard to get off the boats. This year we gave all sailors a small sticker to put on the boom. We’re more focused on other ways to create brand exposure. Spread over the venue you will notice several flags and banners. Besides, the Windesign logo is added as ‘watermark’ to all pictures.”

“With these small steps to reduce environmental pollution, we hope to wake up sailing events worldwide to think about exposure alternatives. We also ask sailors to clean up their trash. Be aware of the fact that sailors use nature to practice their sport. Please respect it and decrease the amounts of plastic in our waters.”

Very well said! As an event, we would like to reduce our use of plastic as well, but we can’t do this without your help. This year we started with the hull sticker, next year we want to take the next steps by banning more plastic.

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