How to register for the Dutch Youth Regatta

Each sailor (and coach) will need a personal Sailing.today account to register for the Dutch Youth Regatta. Once registered you can use this account to register for many other events without having to enter the data again. All your results and rankings will be linked to your personal Sailing.today account.

We created a FAQ-page to help you with the entry procedure and answer all your questions. This page will be updated frequently.


You can create an account by clicking the Facebook-login button or via the Signup-
button. Sailing.today will send you a verification email to activate the account.

Please complete your personal information (Personal, Safety and Address) before registering for an event.

Yes, the Sailing.today-account is a personal account. All competitors will need their own account to register.

Yes, you can add multiple family members to your account. Go to your personal profile and click “Family members”. We will ask to fill in the name, gender and date of birth. All other information (address, parental information) will be copied from your main profile.

Please check your Inbox and SPAM-folder for the verification email.

You have to verify in 1 minute after the verification email has been sent to your email account.

When you missed the timeframe you can resend a new verification email.

You can find the link to your profile in the user menu when clicking on your username.


Please check and complete your profile before entering an event.

Yes, it’s possible to register multiple sailors with one account.

All sailors will need their personal Sailing.today-account first. The second step is to link the accounts. This way parents and coaches can register and manage their children/team from one account.

  • Login on www.sailing.today
  • Find the sailor you would like to connect
  • Invite the sailor via the Add Friend-button
  • The sailor will receive an email to accept your invitation
  • Sailor will be added to your Sailing friends

See video tutorial

All sailors (including the crew) need a Sailing.today profile to register for the events. European law doesn’t allow us to store personal data without permission from the sailor.

During the registration, users can invite the crew member to take part in the event. You can search for existing Sailing.today members or add a new member. The crew will receive an email to accept the invitation and complete the sailor profile (in case the crew is not yet a member of the community).

Once accepted, the crew profile will be linked to your sailor profile. Next time you’re able to select the crew from a list.

Already registered without crew?
– Go to your entries in the sailor menu and view your entry.
– Add crew (via search or add new member)

Sailing.today will send an email to the crew to accept the invitation.

See AddCrew.pdf for more information.

Go to your shopping kart to view all your Open and Confirmed entries.

Users can only delete Open entries.

Please contact the event organizer when you want to cancel a paid entry.

You can update your entry via the sailor menu on the top right of the page.

  • Login
  • Click on your name and choose Entries (you will see all you Open and Confirmed entries)
  • Click View to open the entry and change the data

Sailing.today will ask you if you want to store the new information in your profile. Click “Yes” if the new information is permanent. We will then store the new information in your profile.

Online payment

The payment has expired. This status is definitive and the payment will not be processed. How much time it takes for a payment to expire depends on the payment method. iDEAL payments must be finished within 15 minutes, CreditCard payments within 30 minutes and IBAN Banktransfers within 12 days.